November, 2016

This is my favorite time of the year--and not just because my birthday will be rolling around again!

I love the holidays, which always put me in a good mood.  We don't get snow where I live, but we can still enjoy the snow-capped mountains in the distance!

Thanks so much for stopping by my web site!  Pour a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa and enjoy your visit.


September, 2016

I love autumn!  There are so many good things about it, the color of turning leaves, the smell of a pot of soup on the stove, bread in the oven...  And the holidays are on the horizon.

It's also time to curl up with a good book!  

So brew a cup of tea or put on a pot of coffee and enjoy your visit to my website!   You can also connect with me on Facebook, where I'm giving away books each week.



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