September 2011

Christmas on Nutcracker Court

Mulberry Park Book 4

Fairbrook is a town tailor-made for Christmas, with beautiful old houses dotting quaintly named streets like Sugar Plum Lane and Nutcracker Court.  But not everyone is eager for the holidays to arrive.  Cash-strapped single mom Carly Westbrook worries about providing a merry Christmas for her boys.  It doesn't help that they've been having run-ins with neighbor Max Tolliver, an aspiring novelist stricken with writer's block.  Then there's Grant Barrows, a formerly wealthy businessman whose heart seems to have shrunk along with his bank balance.

Some folks are still determined to make the season sparkle.  Like The Diamond Lils, a ladies group who meet weekly to play poker and socialize.  This year, they're looking to do some good deeds--and wealthy widow Lynette thinks that a little matchmaking between Grand and Carly would be a perfect place to start.

Yet Christmas is a season for surprises.   And sometimes, the gifts we never expected turn out to be the most precious of all....

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